Sunday, August 23, 2015

Happy Birthday Wish with Flowers

Birthday wish with flowers is a sign of true love and mutual attachment between two souls. 

Wishing with flowers is deemed to be for girl friends, wife, mothers or even a lady boss.

See funny birthday wishes for boss here.
Presenting flower bouquet becomes a special birthday wish which is received wholeheartedly and never forgotten. Though I am married but if there were someone in my life before my marriage, I had always made my birthday wish with flowers to my special one.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

5 Uncommon Birthday Party Themes

Tired of the same old princess parties and superhero bashes? Here are five fun and easy birthday party themes that are sure to keep your guests eager for more!

Up and Away

This party incorporates all things related to being…well, you guessed it—up! There needs to be balloons galore, see-saws, trampolines, remote-controlled airplanes and bubbles. The fact that this party is a bit of a hodge-podge makes it all the more exciting! Activities could include kite flying, decorating airplanes (for the younger kiddos) or paper airplane contests (for the kids that are a little bit older).
For adults, take it a step further and make it a fun dinner party. Guests are required to dress as a favorite Greek god, a flight attendant, or maybe even a swarthy hiker who has summited. Food could include items associated with being in the “upper” class, such as bouillabaisse, caviar and lobster.

Farm Life

Kids love animals, and rarely do they get to be up close and personal with them (sorry, the zoo does not count!). Have a farm-themed party and let the animals come to you! Many places have local “petting zoos” for rent that include coming to your home with several animals accompanied by a trained animal professional. If that is not an option, consider having pony rides at your home. Most cities have a local pony rental company that, again, will come to your home along with the supervision of trained professionals.

For adults, add a fun twist and make it all about being in the country. Guests are required to wear more “country” attire (overalls, plaid, cowboy hats and Hunter boots). Food should be hearty items like pot roast, mashed potatoes, green beans and corn on the cob.

Olympic Style

Every two years the glorious event of the Olympics graces our television screens as we watch in eager anticipation of our favorite athletes competing for the medal. Create your own “at-home” Olympic games that are sure to bring out the fun—and competition—in any birthday party! An obstacle course is both easy and inexpensive. If it’s during the summer months, consider incorporating water-based events to your course. Be sure to have gold medals to award all of your daring guests!

This party is equally as exciting for adult guests. You can even go so far as to have already assigned teams beforehand so as to have team jerseys waiting for all of your invitees!

Favorite State

This might be a little more difficult to pull off for kids, but this definitely is a fun birthday party theme for adults. Guests arrive dressed as their favorite state. Encourage them to get creative. For example, someone who is an avid Texas fan might come dressed as an armadillo, or an Arkansas native might come outfitted as a Walmart employee. Have fun with it!

Food should include items that are traditional to each geographic area of the country. Perhaps have sweet tea (the South), chowder (New England), a little bit of BBQ (Midwest), and even grilled salmon—the more eclectic, the more fun!

Backyard Campout

This might be a little bit of a stretch for an adult birthday party, but it is certainly something that will be thoroughly enjoyed by the younger crowd.

Guests arrive donning their favorite pj’s and carrying their favorite pillow and stuffed animal. A fresh take on the classic “slumber party” birthday, this event is held outside in the backyard. Curl up with a few blankets around a campfire and roast marshmallows. Activities could include storytelling, skits, and hide-and-seek. Later, guests sleep over—but in tents. Note: this needs to be done with adult supervision at all times as fire and sleeping outdoors is involved.

“Birthday party” does not have to translate into “creative stress inducer.” A fun and unique party is right around the corner when a little bit of thought and creativity is thrown into the mix. Whether you are in the midst of exploring colleges in Calgary and eager to throw a “favorite US state” themed party or a stay-at-home mom enthusiastic about building the perfect obstacle course for your young one, try one of these above-mentioned themes—you will not be disappointed!

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Annie Babbitt is a freelance writer whose interests include entertainment, fashion, and current events. Annie loves helping promote change and being an advocate for those in need. She most recently has found an interest in writing about issues related to business and education and draws inspiration for her writing from companies such as ABES.


Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Ideas for a Fun Puppy Themed Birthday Party - Food, Activities and Gifts

When it comes to birthday parties, most parents want a theme that is easy to pull off yet different. They don’t want their kid’s birthday event to be a cookie cutter version of other parties, but the idea needs to be affordable and easy to work into a busy schedule. One fabulous idea is a puppy themed party. Kids love pets, especially those who have a four-legged family member as a bestie.

The main event of most birthday gatherings is the cake. Take a pic of your kiddo with their dog and have the bakery print the photo right on the cake. What child wouldn’t love eating a pic of Fido’s ear on their sugary frosting? For those that want to whip up a cake of their own, a great idea is to either dig out your kiddos small plastic dog figurines or pick some up at the local toy store. Fisher Price makes cute chunky toddler safe pups that one can use as cake and table decorations. Be sure to pull the toys off the cake before serving them, so that the birthday child can keep them as a keepsake.
Play up the puppy theme by baking up sugar cookies shaped like dog bones and puppy paws. As an added bonus, pick up frosting and sprinkles and allow the kiddos to decorate their own dog themed cookie as a group party activity.

As above, decorating cookies is fun for everyone from toddlers to adults. Other themed activities include playing dogcatcher, which is like tag. One person is the catcher, and everyone else is the pets. The object of the game is to not be tagged. If you are tagged you have to freeze until someone un-tags you.

Another activity to keep little hands busy is to set up an art station, with easels and canvas or paper, paints, and markers. Have each guest paint or color a picture of their favorite pet or animal. Guests can take home their artwork as a special memento of the day.

Guest Gifts
Kids are accustomed to leaving a party with a plastic bag full of treats, toys, and candy. One exciting way to keep with the pet theme is to skip the treat bags and have a “pet adoption” box available as guests leave. Head to your local dollar store and pick up small plush pets for $1 each. Let guests pick their pet and “adopt” them as they head out the door. You could print out little adoption certificates that the kiddos could fill out on their own to make it feel official.

Brandy Davis is a busy mom of three with a birthday party addiction. Her past work has been featured on the Pampers website, United Way, and currently on NannyTax about 5 fun birthday party activities.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

How To Make Birthday Party Hats At Home?

Sometimes, we can enjoy celebrating any birthday party by preparing everything with our own hands and at our homes. It is much pleasure to prepare things by using our own skills and utilize them for our own events.

Suppose, if anyone's birthday is nearing, you can celebrate this event in a special way using your own hands and skills. You can make most of the things very easily whereas rest of things can be purchased from market. This way, you can celebrate the birthday in a very special way which will be remembered for years. You can prepare cake at your home, decorate the room for the party using different decoration items. You can even make birthday hats for the children and the older ones.

Let’s see and learn how to make birthday party hats at home?

You can consider different things of fun for it. Pick some colorful scrapbooks and scrap paper collection and can make the birthday party hats for the guests providing fun and laughter to all during the event. You can also use crepe paper streamers and rick rack to make the hat attractive for everyone. 

Start making hats by portraying a template in your mind using light cardboard. It is better to measure the cards well and use proper scaling. Suppose make a size about ten inches on the either sides of the cardboard and then connect both the sides with a curved portion using a paper plate to shape a circular edge.

Simply trace the shapes at back of scrapbook paper and simply cut it out according to the size of the hat. Use glue to paste it tightly at the edges and thus form a shape of hat, gluing them well so that it may stick finely. You can finally use the funny images and drawing on the hats in order to embellish and decorate hats for children and the elder ones. 

Use the cake plates in the center of table for putting the home made hats on; this will be a plus to your overall party decoration. You can also use the crepe paper streamer for making the ruffles and rosettes for giving the final touch to the birthday hats accordingly and present these hats to the guests before the party begins.

I assume that if you are reading this article, possibly there is a birthday around the corner in your friends or family circle. If you do make some beautiful party hats, please share your experience in the comments box.


Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Birthdays: What Type Of Well-Wisher Are You?

Birthdays. There are few words which conjure up such a differing range of reactions as this one.
When you’re a kid, birthdays are the best thing ever. If it’s yours, you’re likely in line for a shedload of presents. If it’s someone else’s, you’re at the very least getting to go to a cool party, play pass the parcel and stuff your face with free cake and cherryade.

But as you progress through to adulthood and beyond, the whole birthday deal can lose its luster. When it’s your birthday, you might just see it as being another year older. And when it’s someone else’s, it’s just another thing to add to your ‘to do’ list.

As an adult, it’s easy to look at birthdays in a negative light – but whatever your age, birthdays are what you make of them. They give us the opportunity to let our friends and family know how we feel about them. And the more you put into wishing them well on their special day, the more they’re going to feel appreciated and valued.

Think about you and your friends and family, and take a look at the categories below – which kind of well-wisher are you?

Wish and Run

Just above the ‘those who don’t bother with birthdays at all’ category, are the Wish-and-Runners, or Drive-By-Wishers. Facebook is a great tool for keeping up with friends, but when it comes to birthdays, it has made us somewhat lazy. Instead of picking up the phone and calling someone to talk to them, or making a note of their birthday in our diaries and posting a card, it’s all too easy to rely on Facebook to do the job for us. The Wish-and-Runner simply logs in, checks their notifications, and after three seconds of typing (‘Happy Birthday lol x’), it’s all done for another year.

Casual Well-Wisher

The next step up, the Casual Well-Wisher will remember days in advance about their friend’s birthday, and pick up a card in time to send via post. However, they won’t go out of their way to pick a specific card up. They will often choose the best possible card from the selection at their local supermarket, on a Saturday morning while they’re doing their weekly shop.

Attentive Well-Wisher

An Attentive Well-Wisher usually goes the extra mile. This person will go to a specialist card shop, and be more likely to select a card which befits their recipient. They will also spend more time than a casual buyer writing their in-card message.

Attentive Tech-Savvy Well-Wisher

The Tech-Savvy Well-Wisher can be defined as someone who regularly makes use of online card-sellers such as Ebay or Etsy. You could argue that the Tech-Savvy Well-Wisher is habitually less organised than an Attentive or even a Casual Well-Wisher, as they might rely on the online retailer to post out a card at very short notice. However, the level of engagement is often more involved – they may spend more time changing the message or basic design of their card, to cater it more specifically to their recipient.

Full-On Card Crafter

The most committed of all the Well-Wisher categories. The Card-Crafter will anticipate the birthday of a friend of family member weeks in advance, start to think about getting materials together, and put time aside to design and make a card of their own. It goes without saying that if you've got a friend who has made you a hand-crafted card especially, they’re definitely a keeper.
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